Close the Gap with Ardeo’s LRAPs

February 20 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Host: Mondy Brewer

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The webinar, “Close the Gap with Ardeo’s LRAP,” will be led by Mondy Brewer, Ph.D., a former Vice President of Enrollment Management with 20+ years of experience  in higher education. Not only does Mondy understand the challenges you face after sitting in the chief enrollment officer seat, he also has first-hand experience using an Ardeo LRAP to increase enrollment and revenue. 

Why join the webinar?

  • Discuss different LRAP strategies and top benefits of the program.
  • Learn about pilot success stories at institutions across the country.
  • Explore how you can get started with an LRAP on your campus.

Our Presenter:

Mondy Brewer
VP of Client Service,

Ardeo Education Solutions

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Ardeo's LRAPs are a win for both prospective students and the colleges who offer them. With them, we can help you grow your fall enrollment. 

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