Newberry College Discusses
4 Years of Record Enrollment

Why you should join our September 10th webinar:

  • Learn from a Newberry College enrollment administrator’s first-hand user experience on how Ardeo’s LRAPs have helped increase enrollment for four consecutive years.
  • Explore how other institutions are using loan repayment assistance programs to boost enrollment, increase net revenue and provide a positive benefit to their students.
  • Discover what parents are saying about the impact of Ardeo’s LRAPs on their students’ college decisions via Credo’s 2019 survey results.
  • Discuss other client case studies who have marketed an LRAP to all incoming students and succeeded in increasing their enrollment.

September 10 @ 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time
Host: Jonathan Shores, Ph.D

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Dean of EM Talks About Using LRAPs to Grow Enrollment and Net Revenue

Our Presenters:

Christopher M. Harris
Dean of Enrollment Management,

Newberry College

18+ years higher education experience

Jonathan Shores, Ph.D
Sr. VP of Client Service,

Ardeo Education Solutions

20+ years higher education experience

Ardeo's LRAPs are trusted by more than 120 colleges and universities including:

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