Engaging Unresponsive Prospects


About the Institution
Cairn University is a Christian university in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1913, the university has six schools: Divinity, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Music, and Social Work. Location: Langhorne, PA Total enrollment: 1,216 (May 2013)
“Cairn University has been my dream school for the last two years. Being a missionary kid, I knew it would be hard to pay back all my loans. But now that I am being covered by LRAP, I don't have to worry!”
– Cairn University Student
Their LRAP Story

Cairn University targeted inquiries, applicants, and non-deposited prospects who had not engaged in 30 days or more, adding 17 additional new students.

Having discovered LRAP by way of NACCAP, our partnership has grown since the 16-17 school year. Cairn University staff have specifically expressed happiness with the seamless nature of the communication support LRAP provided.

“I’m probably going to have debt after college and this LRAP is going to ease my anxiety over paying off my loans.”

-Cairn University Student

How LRAP Helps

Besides providing the peace of mind many cost-concerned students and their families need to enroll, LRAP also employs a powerful communication sequence that includes email, postcards, and phone calls used to reach your prospective students and communicate the benefits of your LRAP program.

If a prospect has stopped responding to your admissions team, sometimes our communication effort on your behalf helps to re-engage them.

“Without LRAP, I probably wouldn’t be able to come to Cairn. I believe this is an awesome opportunity and I’m excited about what the future holds.”

– Cairn University Student

How much does it cost to start?

You only pay for LRAP when it works – and you only pay for the students who enroll and borrow. Simply request your custom proposal and we’ll reach out to you within 3 business days with more detailed information including:

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