LRAP Association is now Ardeo Education Solutions. Read about our new name.

Are you passionate about the life-changing power
of higher education?

If so, you came to the right place.

At Ardeo Education Solutions, we are always looking for highly dedicated and skilled professionals to join our team and organization.

Our Mission

The mission of Ardeo is to help students by increasing access to the life-changing impact of higher education, and to enable our team, our clients, and our students to achieve their full potential.

We Believe…

We believe education is a great equalizer of opportunity, paving the path to social mobility and financial freedom. By providing loan repayment assistance to graduates, LRAP eliminates debt as a barrier to higher education, giving students the freedom to pursue their passion, at the college of their choice, for the career of their dreams.

Why work for Ardeo?

We are changing the way families think about financing college – to help students
achieve their personal, academic and professional goals, without being
held back by debt.

We cultivate a close-knit group of thought leaders and game-changers in higher education. Our team takes pride in our highly-collaborative environment, which helps us achieve our shared mission and goals.

With LRAP, more students attend their
preferred college, pursue their passions on campus, and enjoy the freedom to find
a career that resonates with their
highest ambitions.

If you are looking for a caring company that provides a comprehensive benefits package, rest assured, we have you covered. Benefits include vacation, phone, medical and life insurance, and retirement contributions.

Team Building
Whether you like to bond over a tasty meal
or local excursions, we make sure our
hard-working team has plenty of opportunities to relax, socialize and have some fun
along the way.

Continual Growth
Whether you want to further your learning or deepen your impact on the world, you are in good company. Every day, you can expect to learn something new, and apply your own knowledge and skillset to help others excel.

Interested in Joining the Team?

Executive Assistant

If one of the above job openings is a fit with your personal and professional ambitions, or you have a different role in mind, we encourage you to apply. We are always looking for great people to join our top-notch team.