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Case Studies

Engaging Unresponsive Prospects

Seattle Pacific University moved 99 students from "admit" to "enroll" by offering LRAPs to a targeted group of prospects who had been unresponsive for 60 days or more. Excited by initial results, Seattle Pacific University expanded their loan repayment assistance program to include all incoming students from families below $150k AGI.

Offering a Distinctive Promise to All

University of Providence partnered with Ardeo for a pilot and, pleased by the demonstrated results, university leadership expanded the program. In fact, they created a new flagship distinction for their university brand: The Argo Advantage.

Marketing LRAPs Broadly

Alderson Broaddus University grew their enrollment and provided peace of mind to students and families by offering an LRAP to all incoming students. Explore how this worked for ABU and the impact their custom LRAP, the AB Advantage, had on enrollment decisions.

Promoting Access and Affordability

Newberry College (Newberry, SC) has experienced a game-changing 34.8% enrollment increase among incoming freshmen and transfers in the 2 years since partnering with Ardeo, and an 18.9% increase in fall 2017.

LRAPs Work

Whether offered broadly to all incoming students, to a targeted group within defined criteria, or selectively to debt-averse applicants, LRAPs change enrollment decisions in your favor while increasing retention and 4-year graduation rates.

Are Prospects Stuck in Your Funnel

LRAPs engage stalled prospects by addressing concerns about student and parent debt. You could have dozens of students in your funnel who are stuck due to fear of borrowing. LRAPs can give peace of mind to these students, incentivizing them to apply, enroll and graduate.