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  • Loan repayment program helps double Keystone College applications

    LRAP In The News March 23, 2017

    A commitment by Keystone College to pay the student loans of some graduates has led to greater interest and more applications. The Keystone Commitment Loan Repayment Assistance Program begins with first-time, full-time freshmen starting this fall. The first program of its kind in the region, Keystone graduates working at least 30 hours per week with […]

  • Keystone College first in Pa. to offer loan repayment for low-earning graduates

    LRAP In The News October 19, 2016

    Keystone College is a small liberal arts school in a rural area outside of the city of Scranton. No part of that preceding sentence screams “high earning potential.” But for graduates of Keystone College, salary might not be the most important consideration when getting a job after graduation. Many students want to go into the […]

  • How Can You Take a Smart Approach to Student Loan Debt?

    LRAP In The News February 1, 2017

    Madeleine Barr, AB ’16, is a cofounder of CommonCents, an app that helps college students use spare change to repay their loans. The start-up won the College New Venture Challenge in May. My initial principal loan balance was about $28,000. I didn’t get any correspondence from my loan provider until I was a senior in […]

  • Keystone College to Offer Loan Repayment

    LRAP In The News September 21, 2016

    LA PLUME TOWNSHIP — A college in our area is attempting to ease one of the biggest fears incoming college students and their parents have–student loans. Keystone College plans to start helping its graduates pay their loans. College-bound high school students may not be worried about four or five years from now and how they […]

  • 5 Questions To Answer Before You Put Down Your College Deposit

    LRAP In The News April 11, 2016

    T.S. Eliot overstated the matter with “April is the cruelest month;” however, hundreds of thousands of teenagers right now have the challenge of deciding where to start college, because enrollment deposits are due May 1. Here are some thoughts on how to make this decision well: What is the campus like when the adults aren’t […]

  • NY college promises to help students pay loans

    LRAP In The News February 1, 2017

    If you think college tuition is expensive now, wait until all the plans the government has to “help” start to kick in. Houghton College has a better idea. So much confidence does the New York-based school have in its degree that it is now promising to help students pay off their college loans if they […]

  • White House Reassures Colleges They Will Be Consulted

    LRAP In The News January 31, 2012

    Just four days after President Obama made an impassioned speech warning colleges that they may risk losing federal funds if they do not keep tuition costs under control, a top White House official reassured a group of presidents and representatives from independent colleges that the administration will consult them while developing the proposed policy. At […]

  • Private LRAP Programs May Offer Student Loan Peace of Mind

    LRAP In The News May 13, 2014

    We’ve written here before about LRAPs (loan repayment assistance programs) through government agencies and some law schools, but there’s a private LRAP firm that’s signing up colleges to participate in their programs. This is an interesting form of student loan “insurance” that may give some borrowers peace of mind – if your institution of choice […]

  • Paying It Forward

    LRAP In The News November 7, 2011

    Student loan debt continues to rise, and with it concern among educators and politicians (including President Obama) and new federal policies aimed at reducing students’ burden. One small private Christian college is expanding its own efforts, embracing a trick of the trade historically used by many law schools. Huntington University, a liberal arts college in […]

  • Colleges Offer Graduates Help Repaying Loans

    LRAP In The News June 17, 2011

    Law schools have done it for years. Now, some private liberal arts colleges are experimenting with the idea: They’re offering upfront to help students pay off their loans after they graduate. The financial-aid benefit, which targets students who expect to pursue careers in low-paying public-service fields, aims to help colleges attract and retain students who […]