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Join us at the 2020 #CCCUMulti Conference in San Diego, Feb. 10-12

HigherEd Industry News January 6, 2020

Because we work with a variety of colleges and universities, we have the pleasure of also participating in many conferences and seminars. We do this to support our existing partner colleges (we often present the work our partnerships produce), and because we are on a mission to make sure that every student and family can be free from the fear and doubt that often accompanies student and parent loans.

We are excited to be joining the CCCU and several existing partners at #CCCUmulti in San Diego, California from February 10 – 12.

CCCUmulti Conference

We will also have a raffle at our booth for Bose wireless ear buds. Just drop by the booth and drop your business card in our raffle box.

Ardeo Education Solutions, formerly LRAP Association, has a long history of partnering with CCCU member institutions. Let us show you how our loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) can help you too.

CCCU and Ardeo