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Celebrating Nearly 35% Enrollment Growth with Newberry College

LRAP News October 3, 2017
When one of our partner colleges experiences enrollment success, we like to celebrate with them. As a partner to over a hundred colleges, that gives us plenty of opportunities for celebration! This week, we’re celebrating with a few schools in particular who have achieved significant milestones. Among them is Newberry College (Newberry, SC). Each year, our partnership with Newberry has provided a double-digit increase in their incoming class of freshmen and transfers; 13.1% in year one, and 18.9% in year two, for an overall growth rate of 34.8%.

Promoting Access and Affordability

Our conversations with Newberry College began the way many of our conversations begin; enrollment was on the decline, and the pressure was mounting. Their team was working hard to zero in on the problem and discovered that, despite several attempts to ease students’ minds, students were still ruling out the college because of cost and fear of student debt.


Through the LRAP Association backed Newberry College Loan Repayment Promise, the school now gives students, parents, and caregivers freedom from that fear. Newberry provides LRAP for all of their incoming students, and the impact is obvious.



A Program Worth Noting

As the first college in South Carolina to provide LRAP to all incoming students, Newberry College has substantially grown their enrollment by giving its students the freedom to pursue their academic and vocational goals.