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Webinar: Close the Enrollment Gap with LRAP – Pilot Now.

LRAP News February 21, 2019

UPDATE: Miss the webinar? Check out the video embed below.

Whether your institution has a formal process for appealing financial aid awards or not, odds are your admissions team is experiencing families expressing hesitation about enrolling upon delivery of their financial aid award; many because they are afraid they will not be able to manage student loan payments after graduation.

In 2018, 23 institutions initiated a pilot LRAP, enrolling a total of 470 students across them and adding to our growing list of partners.

Worth noting, 18 of those pilots began after February 1st of 2018, so there may still be time to impact enrollment for this coming fall with a pilot of your own.

If your team is feeling the pressure to meet specific fall enrollment goals and your projections are falling short, consider LRAP to help you close the gap. There is still time to impact enrollment for this coming fall with an LRAP pilot.

Join us for our webinar on 2/21 to ask questions in real time, see case studies, and view sample pricing. find out how LRAP can help.

Join us on 2/21/19 at 12pm EST

Join us on 2/21/19 at 3pm EST

A loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) does the work of reassuring families that, if income after graduation is below a certain amount, there will be help paying student loans. Data shows most families use cost to narrow down their list of choices.

Specifically, 79% eliminated colleges from consideration due to their being too expensive for the family (SallieMae’s 2018 survey “How America Values College”).

Now is the time to reassure prospective students and families expressing hesitation.