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How they Help

Ardeo’s LRAPs positively impact enrollment decisions in favor of your college. Loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) help colleges and universities enroll and retain students who may feel college is not affordable, by resolving the fear of loans and student debt.

If a student’s income after graduation is modest, their LRAP helps repay their student loans – including federal student, private alternative and parent PLUS loans. LRAPs work like student loan insurance – providing a significant safety-net for students and families.

Higher education leaders appreciate Ardeo’s LRAPs because they help schools differentiate their value proposition, improve student yield and retention, and reinforces their commitment to students’ long term success.

Benefits of Using Ardeo's LRAPs

Increases Enrollment and Net Revenue
Institutions across the country use LRAPs to increase enrollment and net revenue, as a more cost-effective and attractive offer than additional institutional aid. By differentiating their offer with LRAPs, colleges stand out from their competitors, and attract and hold the attention of prospective students and their families.

Improves Yield and Discount Rate
LRAPs are a cost-effective strategy, with no upfront costs. Offer as many as you like without worry. You only pay us for students who enroll in the fall, after your census date, and even then, only for those who borrow.

Increase yield for students in your enrollment funnel with our budget-friendly alternative to offering additional aid, which can be detrimental to discount rates and budgets. Use an LRAP to increase enrollment, while proactively addressing the most common challenge to enrollment: finances.

Adds Peace of Mind
LRAPs provide peace of mind for your cost-conscious students (freshmen, returning, and transfer) and their families, allowing you to remove financial concerns from the equation, and refocus the conversation on the lifetime value of a degree from your institution.

Enhances Your Brand
LRAPs differentiate your brand and reinforces your value proposition. Get a competitive edge on your competition. Offering an LRAP broadly and publicly conveys a vote of confidence in the value of the education you are providing, and a caring understanding for cost-conscious families.

Offering an LRAP to targeted groups creates a win-win for your institution. Whether you’re looking to put your institution on the map this year, or create stronger relationships with select audiences (e.g. demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic), offering an LRAP can set your institution apart and broaden the potential pool of applicants.

Shapes Your Student Profile
Which student groups are you trying to attract? Whether you have goals to support first-generation students or financially at-risk populations, offering an LRAP can help. Removing financial anxiety from a student or family’s decision on where to enroll can change conversations from cost to value, and enrollment decisions from “no” to “yes.”

Supports Your Mission
LRAPs put your institution and graduates on the path to success. Whether your strategic goals are to increase access and affordability, or equip students to become productive members of society, we can help make sure concerns about student loan debt don’t stand in their way.

Getting Started

Request a webinar or phone call to discuss your strategic goals.

Ardeo will train your team on best-practices, and provide ready-to-use messaging and marketing materials.

Start offering an LRAP to your students to increase enrollment, retention and revenue.