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Keystone College to Offer Loan Repayment

LRAP In The News September 21, 2016

LA PLUME TOWNSHIP — A college in our area is attempting to ease one of the biggest fears incoming college students and their parents have–student loans.

Keystone College plans to start helping its graduates pay their loans.

College-bound high school students may not be worried about four or five years from now and how they will pay back their higher education. Chances are their parents are worried about it.

Keystone College is hoping to ease those worries to attract more students to the campus in La Plume.

Keystone College officials say consider it a guarantee on your degree. If incoming freshmen don’t get a lucrative job when they graduate, they will get some help with their bills.

Of course, there’s a benefit for the college, too.

“I think that this is a way for us to reach out to a broader population, allow them to get a college education, to have that change in their lives, and hopefully we can have enough students that take advantage of it to show it’s successful to others,” said Janine Becker, vice president of enrollment and marketing.

Becker explained that Keystone College will pay a fee to an out-of-state company that will pay graduates a percentage of their monthly loan payments back. The percentage is prorated based on how much the grad makes as long as it is under $40,000 a year.

The loan repayment program won’t apply for any students currently taking classes at Keystone. It will begin for freshmen in the fall of 2017. Those students are now high school seniors and they’re touring Keystone now.

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