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Keystone College Attracts Media Attention with LRAP

LRAP News September 22, 2016

Keystone College (La Plume, PA) has recently drawn significant media attention after announcing the Keystone Commitment – a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) provided to incoming new students beginning in Fall 2017. Like other LRAPs, the program promises to help repay graduates’ student loan payments if they’re earning less than $40,000 per year after graduation.

Watch one outlet’s coverage here:


Offered in partnership with LRAP Association, the Keystone Commitment is provided at no cost to students or their families. The program covers not only Federal Direct loans, but also Parent PLUS and private student loans as well. Since these loans typically don’t come with the borrower protections of Federal Direct loans, Keystone’s LRAP is a significant benefit for both students and parents.

“I think that this is a way for us to reach out to a broader population, allow them to get a college education, to have that change in their lives, and hopefully we can have enough students that take advantage of it to show it’s successful to others.”
– Janine Becker, vice president of enrollment and marketing

Keystone officials are already receiving positive feedback about the program from students:

“I get to pursue my dream of being a student athlete and future motivational speaker. I couldn’t ask for more.”
– Ayana, prospective student

Learn more about the Keystone Commitment here.