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LRAPs Help Overcome Cost Concerns | Client Testimonial

LRAP News February 18, 2020

Kristin Wright, Director of Admissions at Milligan College in Tennessee, sat down with us to talk about how Ardeo’s loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) help address prospective students’ concerns about cost and borrowing – helping her drive enrollment and provide a significant financial benefit to her students.



LRAPs allow colleges and universities to make this powerful promise to their prospects: If income after graduation is modest, the program will help them pay back their federal student, private alternative and parent PLUS loans. Milligan College is currently in their fifth year offering an LRAP to select students.

“[For] the students that we have surveyed and received responses from, LRAP has played a pivotal role in those students enrolling – with many of them citing that they could not have enrolled without LRAP, or they would not have enrolled without LRAP,” said Wright. “I think that’s incredibly meaningful.”

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