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Use LRAPs to Increase Enrollment in Your Master’s Programs


How does your institution address concerns about borrowing student loans and the value of a master’s degree?


Our Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) overcome fear of student loans by promising students that if their income after graduation is below a specified upper income threshold, the LRAP will help them repay their student loans (including federal student loans, Grad/Direct PLUS loans and private alternative loans).


Working professionals looking to expand their industry knowledge or to prepare for the next step in their career need assurance that their investment in a graduate degree will pay off. Students who aren’t stressed about debt are more likely to enroll in graduate programs at your institution. Ardeo’s LRAPs provide a safety net that gives students confidence in their financial future.


Ardeo has worked with more than 200 colleges and universities to provide LRAPs for 25,000 undergraduate students. After successfully using LRAPs at the undergraduate level to boost enrollment, many colleges and universities have requested coverage for their master’s programs.


Business Administration, counseling, divinity and religion, education, nursing, organizational leadership, psychology and social work


LRAPs help colleges and universities differentiate their degree value proposition, increase program enrollment and reinforce their commitment to their students’ long-term success.


Ready to learn more about how LRAPs can work for your master’s degree program? Let us know!