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Montreat College First in NC to Award LRAP to All Incoming Students Fall 2019

LRAP In The News LRAP News November 16, 2018

Montreat College (Montreat, NC) is joining a growing group of colleges and universities who are making a powerful promise to future students and families: if a graduate’s income is below $43,000 per year, an innovative new program will help them repay their student (and parent) loans until annual income meets the threshold, or the loans are paid off. The Montreat College Commitment, proudly powered by LRAP Association, will be made available to all incoming freshmen and eligible transfer students starting in the fall of 2019.

“We are excited to be the only college in North Carolina offering this free safety net to our incoming students,”
says Montreat College Vice President for Enrollment Management Kristin Janes. “We know that many college students and parents are concerned about student debt, and the Montreat College Commitment was created to help address those concerns.”

LRAP Association began their partnership with Montreat College in 2014 with a pilot program. After many conversations determining the best strategy for their unique needs, the leadership at Montreat was compelled by program’s ability to make a difference for students and families. Part of a larger strategy for limiting the student loan debt of its graduates, the Montreat College Commitment helps graduates in entry-level positions pursue their desired vocational calling and successfully launch their careers.

To learn more about how LRAP strategies like Montreat College’s have helped our partners achieve significant enrollment growth, and provide peace of mind for students and families, take a look at one of our previous webinars (video below) detailing similar strategies.


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