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“Skin in the Game” for Your University with LRAP

LRAP News August 23, 2018

The “national student debt crisis” has been a common conversation in the media and around kitchen tables. It demands a response from higher education. We regularly host webinars with our enrollment management experts to discuss how a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) can be a vibrant part of your institution’s response, and show you have “skin-in-the-game” when it comes to student loans and risk-sharing.

Join over 160 colleges and universities by making this powerful promise to prospective students and families:

“If you enroll at this university and make less than a certain amount after graduation, you will have help paying your student loans.”

Especially when marketed publicly, a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP) can:

  • Accelerate enrollment & net tuition revenue (by 14% or more*).
  • Distinguish your institution early in the decision process.
  • Demonstrate your institution has “skin in the game” on price.
  • Facilitate alumni affinity with real financial assistance.

Now is the time for your institution to make a clear statement about where you stand.

Join us for any of our webinars where we will share client case studies and demonstrate the benefits of offering LRAP. No time to join us? RSVP anyway and we’ll send you a recording, or you can see a recording of a past webinar below.

*Average incoming freshmen increase from baseline comparison year MTA cohort.


*Average incoming freshmen increase from baseline comparison year MTA cohort.