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Team LRAP Volunteers Time for Charity

LRAP News March 5, 2018

We at LRAP Association enjoy the time we spend together as a team in various activities. Our moments together help us work better as a team, and that makes it easier to achieve our mission.

Recently, we took the time to volunteer our time as a unit, packing food for an awesome organization: Feed My Starving Children.

Each of our individual working groups came together as one and donated our time at a packing facility in Aurora, IL.

That day, in 90 minutes, the volunteers together packed a total of 224 boxes of food for starving kids around the globe. That’s 48,384 meals – enough to feed 132 children for a whole year.

The staff at Feed My Starving Children were very organized, and made it so easy for us to just show up and have massive impact.

As can be seen from the smiles in the slideshow below, it felt great to work together and make a difference.

We have a tight-knit organization that enjoys the feeling we get from eliminating fear of student (and parent) loan debt, and do our best to stay connected with each other. We’re also known to have some good-natured competition from time to time, as with our recent Office Olympics (inspired by and during the recent Winter Olympics).

This may, or may not have influenced our push to pack the most boxes that day (and to totally dominate the warehouse positions).

If you’d like to know more about the team at LRAP Association, or think you’d like to join our team, you can find out more about us, including open positions, here, and by following us on Twitter @LRAPassociation.