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“My advice to a student getting ready to go to college, don’t compromise…You can pursue the education you want today, and LRAP is there to assist you in the long run.”

Daniel, LRAP Graduate

“LRAP allows a student to say ‘yes’ who otherwise might say ‘no.’”

Scott, Dean of Admission

“The assistance from LRAP has been unbelievably helpful!”

Steven, LRAP Graduate

“Thank you so much for implementing this program. With one child in college, and two shortly behind, we would never be able to afford college for our children.”

Angela, LRAP Parent

“After LRAP was offered to me, I had nothing holding me back from attending the college I really wanted to [attend].”

Jacquelyn, LRAP Graduate

“I would 100% recommend working with Ardeo.”

Kristin Wright, Director of Admissions

More Colleges are Promising to Help Pay the Student Loans of Low-Earning Graduates

“I’m more than blessed to have this opportunity, as both of my parents are currently unemployed and I know they wouldn’t make enough to cover any of my college education expenses and I certainly wouldn’t like to burden them, but I also certainly wouldn’t want to burden myself with debt after college after working so hard to get where I will be. This is going to help me greatly, thank you so much.”

Shelby, LRAP Student

“The LRAP alleviated a lot of worries about repaying loans after college and allowed me to transfer earlier from my community college to the private college I wanted to attend.”

Velicia, LRAP Graduate