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Oklahoma Wesleyan University Enrolls Record Class

LRAP News September 21, 2015 - Matt Osborne

Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) has set yet another enrollment record after providing the PURSUE loan repayment assistance program to all incoming students for the 2nd consecutive year, with the help of LRAP Association.

After using LRAP through a more targeted approach in the prior year, OKWU decided, in 2014, to begin offering the program to all incoming students as a way to continue to increase enrollment and deliver on their mission.

The PURSUE program at OKWU has helped the college continue to grow despite national trends in the opposite direction.  Their first year utilizing LRAP (2014) for all incoming students they saw a 12.7% increase in their freshmen class size, which came after a record class the prior year.  This year (2015) they experienced similar results and brought in another record class – growing by an additional 6.9%  over last year.

PURSUE, in partnership with LRAP helps OKWU make a very profound and succinct promise to students and families – a promise that if students graduate from OKWU and earn less than $37,000 annually, loan repayment assistance will be provided to the student.  Samantha Peterson, Associate Vice President of Enrollment, believes that LRAP has been one of the key components to their continued success and had this to say:

“In my mind, a college investment is literally the only investment that will
pay dividends both in who you want to become and what you want to do
with your life. In a private Christian education, this [PURSUE] is our way
of knowing that you will succeed and it’s our way of literally putting
our money where our mouth is.”