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Webinar: 2019 Credo Research Discusses Why Students Did (or Didn’t) Enroll

LRAP News October 11, 2019

Ardeo Education Solutions and higher education research strategy firm, Credo, hosted a live webinar discussion on Credo’s most recent survey results. The webinar included insights about how Ardeo’s loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) impact student and parent decisions.

The webinar was held on Wednesday, October 9, and featured guest presenter Dave Burke, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions at Credo, to explore why students did – or didn’t – enroll at an institution. For 12 years, Credo has asked students (and more recently their parents, as well) specific questions to uncover key points in the college decision making process.

Again this year, Credo included a segment of private colleges and universities that award Ardeo’s loan repayment assistance programs, or LRAPs, as part of their enrollment management process.Topics discussed included:
  • Top reasons students decided to apply and then enroll
  • Impact of cost on college choice
  • Impact on Ardeo LRAP on enrollment (for the schools who offered the program)

The webinar host was Matt Osborne, Senior Vice President of Client Service at Ardeo, and a former chief enrollment officer.

Why should you watch the webinar below?

  • Explore why students did – or didn’t – enroll at institutions that participated in the 2019 Credo survey, and how admissions professionals can use these results to help shape prospect engagement and meet their enrollment goals.
  • Discover what parents are saying about the impact of Ardeo’s LRAPs on their students’ college decisions through Credo’s research.
  • Learn more about how an Ardeo LRAP can address your students’ fear of student loan debt to grow enrollment and increase net tuition revenue.

Watch now: