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Webinar | 3 Ways to Get Prospects Unstuck From Your Funnel

LRAP News March 7, 2017

Would an additional 20 students help your institution this fall?

Join us for a webinar that will cover 3 proven strategies for using LRAP to get prospects unstuck from your funnel, even this late in the enrollment cycle.

LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program) helps colleges and universities enroll and retain students who are hesitant to borrow. If a student’s income after graduation is modest, LRAP helps them repay their educational loans. The program covers federal, private alternative and parent PLUS loans. By providing this financial safety-net to prospective students and parents, LRAP gives your institution a competitive advantage.

Sign up for our webinar, 3 Ways to Get Prospects Unstuck From Your Funnel, at 2pm EST on March 9.

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Interested but can’t attend? Email us to schedule a walk-through of the presentation at a time that works for you: [email protected]