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WEBINAR: How Barry University Enrolls More Transfer Students and Engages Unresponsive Prospects with LRAPs

LRAP News February 12, 2021

Watch the webinar recording:



Watch our recent webinar with Barry University to learn how their Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) have helped them motivate more transfer students and unresponsive prospects to enroll.

In this 30-minute discussion, we explored how LRAPs work and shared how Barry’s strategy has evolved since their pilot year.

Why watch the webinar?

  • You will hear directly from Roxanna Cruz, Barry’s Associate Vice President of Enrollment about how they implemented LRAPs to help flip enrollment decisions from “no” to “yes.”
  • Learn how LRAPs can enhance your brand and differentiate your institution from others in your market.
  • Get a quick overview of different LRAP strategies – from offering the program to select students, to targeting strategic prospect populations – and take home all the information you need to bring the program to your campus!

What are loan repayment assistance programs and what do they do? LRAPs provide students and families a powerful promise: If income after graduation is modest, a student’s LRAP will help them repay their federal student, private alternative and parent PLUS loans.

Explore Barry University’s strategy with us – you may hear some useful tips as you consider ways to maximize your 2021-22 enrollment strategy! Watch the above recording for more information and to hear Barry’s LRAP impact results.