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WEBINAR: How to Use an LRAP | Increase Access & Boost Net Tuition Revenue

LRAP News August 19, 2020

Our quick, 30-minute webinar explored how enrollment professionals can boost yield and net tuition revenue with a tool that directly addresses concerns about cost and student debt – a Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

The webinar, How to Use an LRAP: Increase Access & Boost Net Tuition Revenue,” discussed what LRAPs are, strategies to help you meet your enrollment goals and how to get started with the program on your campus.

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Ardeo’s LRAPs are a proven solution that address your prospective students’ fears about cost and educational loans. LRAPs are a low-risk, high-reward yield tool that have proven to work for more than 150 colleges and universities.

What does an LRAP do? It helps you enroll more students by providing your prospects a powerful promise: If income after graduation is modest, the program will help them pay back their student and parent loans. It’s straightforward and it works.