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Webinar: Newberry College Discusses 4 Years of Record Enrollment

LRAP News September 3, 2019

Dean of EM Talks About Using LRAPs to Grow Enrollment and Net Revenue

Make a splash in your market by offering a powerful promise to all of your incoming students and their families – a student loan repayment assistance program (LRAP).

UPDATE: Watch the session recording below!




Join us in our September 10 webinar to learn more about how Ardeo’s LRAPs have helped more than 120 colleges and universities increase their enrollment and net revenue, including Newberry College of South Carolina.

Why you should join our September 10 webinar:

  • Learn from a Newberry College enrollment administrator’s first-hand user experience on how Ardeo’s LRAPs have helped increase enrollment for four consecutive years.
  • Explore how other institutions are using loan repayment assistance programs to boost enrollment, increase net revenue and provide a positive benefit to their stud
  • Discover what parents are saying about the impact of Ardeo’s LRAPs on their students’ college decisions via Credo’s 2019 survey results.
  • Discuss other client case studies who have marketed an LRAP to all incoming students and succeeded in increasing their enrollment.

The webinar host will be Jonathan Shores, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Client Service.

September webinar